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The Tale of Peter Rabbit
May 21,2016 - July 09,2016
Come to Riverside Dinner Theater
The Tale of Peter Rabbit (and Benjamin Bunny) - Peter Rabbit, unlike his sisters Flopsy, Mopsy, and Cottontail, decides to follow the advice of his tummy (and his cousin, Benjamin) instead of his mother. Of course, everyone (and we mean everyone!) knows that little bunnies must stay out of Mr. McGregors garden. But Peter and Benjamin still dare to venture into a big world filled with excitement, adventureand scrumptious vegetables! Along the path to the garden patch, they meet such fun characters as Caw and Kem, the two silly crows who know that a picket fence could never stop a bird, and the easy-going but vigilant Cat, just waiting to catch her own meal. And theres also Mr. McGregor, the angry, befuddled farmer, who is willing to go to great lengths to protect his precious vegetables. This sparkling musical adaptation of Beatrix Potters wonderful story is filled with delightful tunes that will make everyone smile and hop with delight!
March 31,2016 - May 07,2016
Come to Riverside Dinner Theater
Pinocchio - Based on Carlo Collodis beloved classic, this musical version tells the story of Pinocchio, a boy-sized puppet built by the caring puppet maker, Geppetto. Knowing of his longing for a son, the Blue Fairy brings the marionette to life as a reward for Geppettos remarkably generous spirit. The Blue Fairy tells Pinocchio that if he always obeys his father, she will turn him into a real boy. But Pinocchio quickly discovers thats not an easy thing to do, and his boyish longings lead him away from his father and on an adventure unlike any other. From the Land of the Toys to the belly of a whale, Pinocchio learns the importance of honesty, good behavior, and, even more importantly, that no love is greater than that of a parent for a child.
The Story of Hansel and Gretel
January 30,2016 - March 12,2016
Come to Riverside Dinner Theater
The Story of Hansel and Gretel - In this charming musical adaptation of the classic fairy tale, Hansel and Gretel are sent into the woods and meet up with a number of very peculiar characters. A fiery troll guards his little wooden bridge, while an articulate owl, a forest sprite, and two hobgoblins are in the service of an evil (but extremely funny) witch who lives in a candy-coated cottage. She captures poor Hansel and locks him in a cage, feeding him nothing but cake! But Gretel figures out how to outwit the crone and set Hansel free, along with all the other children that the witch turned into cookies! Sweetened with songs like Gingerbread Witch and Apple Muffin Goblins, every dramatic moment of the familiar story comes to life on stage, making this a real treat for your entire family!
The Snow Queen
November 21,2015 - January 02,2016
Come to Riverside Dinner Theater
This stage version of the famous fairy tale begins with an evil magician who creates a mirror with the power to take anything good and shrink it to next to nothing. Gerda finds the mirror and accidentally drops it, shattering it into a million pieces. However, each shard still holds the same power as the entire mirror. When Gerdas best friend Kai gets pieces of the mirror stuck in his eye and ear, he suddenly becomes cruel. Then Kai meets the Snow Queen who kisses him, and they disappear together into the sky. Gerda then sets out to find her dear friend. Along the way she encounters several interesting charactersthe Old Woman in the garden that makes days pass endlessly, the funny Crow, a dangerous-but-helpful Robber Girl, and a wise Inuit Woman. In the end, with the help of the resources and wisdom of the friends shes met, Gerda finds Kai. With her tears she releases the evil shards of mirror from him. The Snow Queen then disappears forever. This is Hans Christian Andersen at his mythical best!
Enchanted Sleeping Beauty
September 19,2015 - November 07,2015
Come to Riverside Dinner Theater
In this delightful musical version of the familiar fairy tale, the king and queen of Never Nod have a new baby, Princess Briar Rose. The witch Evilina, who lives with a giant spider, puts a terrible curse on the little princess. Sixteen years later, brave Prince Alexander comes to Briar Roses rescue, and the royal courts, too&for they are all asleep, victims of the witchs evil spell! The prince must fight a Wall of Thorns, a False Princess, and, most frightening of all, the great Dark Knight, before he breaks the spell and lives happily ever after with his lovely Princess.
The Princess and the Magic Pea
July 18,2015 - August 29,2015
Come to Riverside Dinner Theater
In this tuneful musical-comedy version of the Hans Christian Andersen classic, Prince Peter searches for a true princess to become his bride and future queen. His kingdom can remain free only while there is a royal king and queen on the throne, but only a very special princess will do, one who can pass the testto feel a magic pea through a bed piled high with mattresses. Complicating the situation is Zelda, the wicked witch of the forest, who hopes to capture the throne for herself through her black magic. Will Prince Peter be able to distinguish who is the one and only true princess for him?
Jack and the Giant
May 16,2015 - July 11,2015
Come to Riverside Dinner Theater
The classic English folk tale takes on new charm in this rollicking musical version. Gogmagog, the evil giant, makes life pretty miserable for Jack, his mother, and the whole kingdom. Jack is even forced to sell his beloved dancing cow for (magic) beans! Jack goes up the beanstalk to fight the giant and his malicious sidekick Troll. By the end of this special tale, the cow is returned, the chicken learns how to lay golden eggs, and the good life returns to the kingdom.
Treasure Island
March 21,2015 - May 02,2015
Come to Riverside Dinner Theater
An old, menacing sea captain, Billy Jones, tells young John Hawkins to keep an eye out for a man with one leg whos looking for the treasure map of Captain John Flint. When the man appears, Bones entrusts the map to Jims safekeeping before collapsing. Jim shows the map to Dr. Livesey and Squire Trelawney, who decide to put together a pirate crew to collect Captain Flints haul from Skeleton Island. Pirates being pirates, the crew plots for mutiny. Lucky for Jim, he and John Silver have begun to forge an unlikely friendship. When the crew lands on Skeleton Island, Jim runs into Benn Gunn, a crazy rhyming pirate from Captain Flints original crew, who has been marooned for three years. Meanwhile, having managed to return to the boat, Jim is forced to do things he never thought himself capable of. Luckily, the pirates greed and the help of John Silver lead Jim to safety and the treasure. In the end, Jim learns what it really means to live a pirates life.
The Pied Piper - The Musical
January 17,2015 - March 14,2015
Come to Riverside Dinner Theater
In this charming adaptation of the classic tale, the good people of Hamelin find their town taken over by ratsand nobody, including the greedy mayor, knows what to do! Even Rattytatty, the pest control officer, admits defeat. Just when things cant get any worse, who should turn up but an odd young man who calls himself the Pied Piper. The town agrees to pay a fee for the Pied Piper to get rid of the pests, so he promptly disposes of the cheese nibblers, as promised. However, the penny-pinching townsfolk now claim they are too poor to pay! In retaliation, the piper leads the children from the town and hides them within a magic mountain. The townsfolk quickly realize the error of their ways and search for the mysterious musician. Will the children be reunited with their families? Find out when you bring your own family to see this lively, not-to-be-missed musical!The Pied Piper
Babes in Toyland
November 29,2014 - January 03,2015
Come to Riverside Dinner Theater
The villainous Barnaby has fallen in love with sweet Mistress Mary Quite Contrary. If he cant buy her love, then hell force her to marry him by threatening to foreclose on her mother, the poor Widow Piper. Mary already has her heart set on marrying Barnabys nephew Alanbut not if Barnaby can help it! Despite Barnabys malevolent plotting, a happy ending is in store for Mary and Alan, with the help of the magical, mysterious Master Toymaker and his quirky assistants Grumio and Marmaduke. Children and adults alike will find this musical tale a holiday delight!
The Magical Adventures of Merlin
September 27,2014 - November 16,2014
Come to Riverside Dinner Theater
This re-imagined tale shares how a young Merlin meets a young, soon-to-be king, Arthur in mythical, ancient England. Will Merlin choose ultimate magical power  his lifelong dream  or friendship with Arthur and Guinevere? Will Arthur pull the sword from the stone and defeat the bewitching Morgana? Can Merlin become the greatest wizard of the land? Magical surprises provide the answers in this enchanted musical adventure.
The Hobbit
July 26,2014 - September 13,2014
Come to Riverside Dinner Theater
J.R.R. Tolkien's 'prequel' to The Lord of the Rings is set to music in this magical version of the story of Bilbo Baggins, 'the Hobbit'. After a visit from Gandalf the Wizard, Bilbo reluctantly sets out on a daring adventure to help twelve dwarfs recapture their treasure from the clutches of Smaug, the vicious fire-breathing dragon of far-away Lonely Mountain. As the landscape becomes less hospitable and the group faces hunger, bad weather, and attacks from hostile creatures, Bilbo often thinks fondly of home and questions his decision to come on this journey. But with the help of a magic invisibility ring and an enchanted sword named 'Sting', Bilbo overcomes his personal fears, becomes the leader of the group, and recovers the dwarfs' treasure. He returns to Hobbit Land a more confident and courageous person, having learned loyalty and self-sacrifice - virtues he would never have known had he remained at home.
We The People - The Musical
May 24,2014 - July 19,2014
Come to Riverside Dinner Theater
In this inspiring and educational celebration of what makes America unique and great today, beautiful patriotic music combines with poignant sketches based on the phrases of the Preamble to the Constitution to show not only how the Constitution applies to our past, but also to our present and future. Everyday life is showcased in both funny and touching vignettes that explore the deeper meanings of the language of the Constitution. From two neighbors arguing their constitutional rights to have crab grass to an immigrants heartwarming rendition of her coming to America, this Norman Rockwell-esque review reminds us that the remarkable words written by our forefathers many years ago are still a living document that influences our lives every day.
The Musical Adventures of Flat Stanley
March 22,2014 - May 17,2014
Come to Riverside Dinner Theater
Stanley Lambchop is an ordinary, everyday, run-of-the-mill ten-year-old with a normal mom and dad, a normal little brother, and a normal life. But that's just the problem for Stanley - life is too normal. He wants to travel the world, to do something amazing that no one's ever seen before. One night, the bulletin board above Stanley's bed comes loose and falls right on top of him! The next morning, Stanley wakes up flat - not just a little flat...but really, REALLY flat! In a whirlwind musical travelogue, Stanley scours the globe for a solution to his unusual problem. He's stamped, posted, and cancelled from Hollywood to France to Honolulu. Eventually he's sent home, where his surprised family greets him with a massive 'group hug'. When they release the hug, Stanley is no longer flat! Mr. Lambchop asks Stanley if he is okay being back to his old self. Stanley explains that he can have adventures every day at home, just by sending letters. And so, this isn't really the end of Stanley's adventures but only the beginning!
Blues Clues Live! The Most Spectacular Place
January 23,2014 - March 15,2014
Come to Riverside Dinner Theater
After the Curtain "comes alive" and welcomes everyone into the wonderful World of Theatre, Blue and Steve lead the audience on a clue-based journey in search of "the most spectacular place of all." This quest takes them through Storybook Forest, where they meet the Three Little Pigs, Goldilocks, the Big Bad Wolf, and other characters from classic fairytales. Blue and Steve even travel to outer space in search of the most spectacular place of all, exploring planets and other celestial wonders along the way. When they discover the final clue, Blue and Steve learn that, aside from the surprise-filled World of Theatre, home is that most spectacular place!
Charlotte's Web
November 09,2014 - January 18,2014
Come to Riverside Dinner Theater
The story of a young girl named Fern who loves a little pig named Wilburand of Wilbur's dear friend Charlotte, a beautiful and intelligent large gray spider who lives with Wilbur in the barncomes alive in this musical version of E.B. Whites popular childrens book. With the help of Templeton the rat, who never did anything for anybody unless there was something in it for him, and by a wonderfully clever plan of her own, Charlotte saves the life of Wilbur, who grows up to be some pig!
The Frog Prince
September 14,2013 - November 02,2013
Come to Riverside Dinner Theater
Based on the well-known fairy tale by the Brothers Grimm, this musical adaptation combines song, dance, and comedy to tell the story of the young prince who is turned into a frog by an evil witch. With a hilarious cast of characters including a princess that no one can understand (because she, too, is under a witchs spell), three singing and dancing frogs, and an enormous snake named Snookums (who unfortunately has a particular taste for frogs), this delightful, funny fable teaches simply and poignantly that it pays to be kind to everyoneincluding ugly frogs!
How I Became a Pirate
July 20,2013 - September 07,2013
Come to Riverside Dinner Theater
Young Jeremy Jacob is digging in the sand at the beach when he is greeted by Captain Braid Beard and his mates, who quickly recruit him to help find the perfect digging spot for their treasure. On board their ship, the crew gives the boy an introduction to pirate life at sea, including how to talk like a pirate and all the rules of pirate etiquette. In turn, Jeremy shares with them what a typical kids day is like and the wondrous game of soccer. When a storm arises, the crew steers the ship to safety, but Jeremy begins to wonder if pirate life is really for him. Arriving back at the beach, the pirates follow a map Jeremy has drawn for them, leading them to the perfect spot to bury their treasurehis own back yard! After reminiscing with the pirates how its always good to go home, Jeremy realizes how important the simple things, like a kiss and a warm tucking in at night, are for him. Though the pirates must now leave him, they assure him they will return if he simply contacts them at pirates.aarrgh. Filled with humor and music, this tale of adventure and finding ones own heart will have you wishing Captain Braid Beard and his mates would one day visit you!
Pinkalicious the Musical
May 25,2013 - July 13,2013
Come to Riverside Dinner Theater
Pinkalicious loves pink and wants everything in her life to be pink. After overindulging in pink cupcakes, she wakes up to discover that she herself has turned bright pink! Though shes thrilled to have her dream come true, her concerned parents take her to the doctor who diagnoses her with pinkititis. On the way home, Pinkalicious begins to discover how serious her condition really is. At the playground, shes attacked by birds and bees who mistake her for a giant flower. And her best friend doesnt recognize her because she is camouflaged in the garden. After eating still more pink cupcakes that night, Pinkalicious awakens the next morning to find that her illness has worsened. Now shes turned red and has a bad case of pink eye pinkititisshe can only see the color pink. She reluctantly decides to follow the doctors order to eat nothing but green food. Will Pinkalicious be transformed back to normal? Youll be tickled pink when you discover how this tale about the virtues of moderation and self-control comes to an end!
The Secret Garden
March 30,2013 - May 18,2013
Come to Riverside Dinner Theater
Adapted from the literary classic by Frances Hodgson Burnett, this delightful musical tells the story of Mary Lennox, the spunky orphan raised in India and sent to live in her uncles gloomy manor house in Victorian-era England. There she discovers a strange walled garden that has been locked up for many years. When Mary unlocks the garden and coaxes it back to life, she discovers that it has a wonderful, magical effect on everyone who enters it, allowing her to restore her invalid cousin Colin to health and to reunite him with his father. With its bright and upbeat musical score, this touching and nostalgic play is sure to be one of your familys most memorable theater experiences!
Dora the Explorer Live! Doras Pirate Adventure
February 02,2013 - March 23,2013
Come to Riverside Dinner Theater
Join Nickelodeon TVs famous Dora the Explorer, her buddy Boots the Monkey, and all their friends in this live musical interactive adventure. As Dora searches for a stolen chest of pirate treats on Treasure Island, youll help her navigate over Dancing Mountain and across the Silly Singing Bridge where a band of Pirate Piggies waits to confront her. Then, as the search continues, youll use your map-reading, counting, musical and language skills to help intrepid Dora surmount the islands challenges and locate the treasure chest. Finally, with a hearty Yo-ho-ho to celebrate the find, Dorasand your ownpirate adventure comes to a happy and songful conclusion!
Disneys High School Musical Jr
December 01,2012 - January 26,2013
Come to Riverside Dinner Theater
On the first day after winter break, the Jocks, Brainiacs, Thespians and Skater Dudes of East High all look forward to the new yearand participating in the next school musical. In Ms. Darbus homeroom, Troy and Gabriella renew their friendship, but their cell phone conversation lands them in detention where they learn the fine art of .acting.. The next day, many of the school hopefuls strut their stuff at Ms. Darbus auditions. However, theyre no match for drama diva Sharpay and her brother Ryan. Troy and Gabriella arrive too late to audition, but Kelsi, the shows composer, encourages them to sing anyway. Ms. Darbus overhears and gives them a callback, infuriating Sharpay who convinces Ms. Darbus to reschedule the callbacks to conflict with the science decathlon and championship game. While the Brainiacs and Jocks compete, Sharpay and Ryan pull off a polished callback performance. After the competitions end, Troy and Gabriella rush to the theatertoo late for their callback. The East High students arrive and rally behind them, persuading Ms. Darbus to relent. Troy and Gabriella sing their way into the lead roles and the whole school comes together as winners.
September 29,2012 - November 24,2012
Come to Riverside Dinner Theater
The .Wordspinner. and the rhythmic beat of tom-toms open and close this history-based musical for all age groups. Pocahontas is the daughter of the mighty Algonquin Chief Powhatan. While she delights in playing with Raven, Wolf and Squirrel, Pocahontas has also become friends with the English settlers who have come to her fathers territory to build a new home. When she discovers that the settlers are struggling with starvation and sickness, the Indian princess enlists Little Running Rabbit, Brave Eagle, Aunt Morning Star, Forest Spirits, and Mother Earth in her efforts to help them. Her remarkable compassion and courage even cause her warrior father to spare the life of one of the leaders of the English settlement. Filled with Native American lore and beautiful music, this play is true to the original legend.
Schoolhouse Rock Live!
August 02,2012 - September 22,2012
Come to Riverside Dinner Theater
Tom Mizer, a young school teacher who is nervous about his first day of teaching, tries to relax by watching TV. Suddenly, the Schoolhouse Rock bunch appears in the room and proceeds to show Tom how to win his students over with imagination and music. Through a variety of songs covering such diverse school subjects as math, science, history, and grammar, the Schoolhouse Rockers provide a hip, entertaining, and educational treat that proves to young and old alike that education can be as fun as you choose to make it.
Willy Wonka
June 02,2012 - July 21,2012
Come to Riverside Dinner Theater
Roald Dahls timeless story of Charlie and The Chocolate Factory comes to life in this lively musical adaptation. Willy Wonka, for years a recluse in his own candy factory, announces that five lucky youngsters will be given a tour of the mysterious and magical factoryand one will win a lifetime supply of chocolate! When young Charlie Bucket discovers a Golden Ticket hidden inside his Wonka bar, he is invited to join the other children on the tour. Along the way, comical disasters befall each of his odious competitors. Will Charlie encounter a similar fate, or will he become the winner of Wonkas wonderful chocolate grand prize?
Seussical Jr
March 31,2012 - May 26,2012
Come to Riverside Dinner Theater
In this musical interweaving of beloved Dr. Seuss stories, the Cat in the Hat and a young boy embark on a journey of imagination involving many of the familiar Seuss characters. The story centers around Horton the Elephant, who finds himself faced with a double challengenot only must he protect his tiny Whofriend Jojo and the whole town of Whoville from a world of naysayers and perils, but he must also guard an abandoned egg left to his care by the irresponsible and boredom-prone Mayzie La Bird. Although Horton faces ridicule, danger, kidnapping and a trial, the intrepid Gertrude McFuzz, who believes Horton ignores her because of her small and uninteresting tail, never loses faith in him. When she rescues him from a circus cage and finds the whereabouts of hijacked Whoville, Horton finally notices that Gertrude is amazing and realizes she is his .one true friend in the universe.. As the show ends and all are once more happily united, the Cat in the Hat reminds us that we, too, can have wonderful adventures of the imagination: .If you open your mind, oh, the thinks you will find!.
Cinderella's Glass Slipper
January 28,2012 - March 24,2012
Come to Riverside Dinner Theater
This magical musical will charm audiences of all ages. The story is timeless, but youll meet several new charactersthe silly, conceited stepsisters Brunhilda and Cleopatra, a brave mouse and a hesitant cat, and the amazing Pumpkinhead who changes into Cinderellas coach! Fairy Godmother has her hands full as she tutors a new apprentice, but she still has time to make Cinderellas dream come true, sending her off to the palace to meet Prince Charming. As we know, she loses her glass slipper when she hastily leaves the Princes party just as the clock strikes midnight. After all the ladies of the kingdom get their chance to try on the crystal shoe, the prince finally finds the girl he is to marry. And of course they live happily ever after!
Beauty and the Beast
November 12,2011 - January 21,2012
Come to Riverside Dinner Theater
When a selfish prince rejects a powerful witch, he is cursed to be a beast until he learns to love. Years later, a poor widow plucks one of his forbidden roses. Though he sentences the woman to death, the Beast allows her to return home to say good-bye to her family. When her two distasteful daughters and greedy sons-in-law hear her insane story, they dont believe her. However, the widows third daughter, Beauty, goes to the Beast and promises to stay with him if her mothers life is spared. Beast immediately falls in love with Beauty, who is like a princess to him. But will Beauty learn to love the Beast? Find out in this poignant musical adaptation of a timeless tale of love, forgiveness, and redemption!
The Legend of Sleepy Hollow
October 01,2011 - November 05,2011
Come to Riverside Dinner Theater
Washington Irvings classic American tale comes to life in this exciting musical version. School teacher Ichabod Crane arrives in the farming community of Sleepy Hollow looking for a good life and a wealthy wife to supply it. Once he sets his eyes on the local beauty, Katrina Van Tassel, hes sure his dream will come true. But Katrina already has a boyfriendthe boisterous Brom Boneswhos extremely jealous. When Ichabod proposes to Katrina at a Halloween party, Brom boots him out to make his way home alone in a terrible storm. In the dark, theres something shadowy and frightening that threatens Ichabods lifethe Headless Horseman! Will poor Ichabod be able to outrun the galloping phantom as he flees Sleepy Hollow, never to return?
Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs
July 30,2011 - September 24,2011
Come to Riverside Dinner Theater
All the familiar characters (plus a few new ones) and all the fun of the ageless Brothers Grimm fairy tale are presented in this wonderful musical retelling. Youll become reacquainted with lovely Princess Snow White, the handsome Prince, the evil Queen, the Magic Mirror, the seven mischievous DwarfsSarge, Gabby, Gloomy Gus, Ticklish, Spritely, Snore, and Slowpokeand also meet the hilarious Palace Cat and the Enchanted Vixen. Shiver and shake as the angry Queen transforms herself into a withered Crone so ugly she frightens herself! And dont forget that poisonous apple waiting for our heroine! Laughter, excitement, magic, and music all combine to enchant and delight young and old alike!
The Adventures of Doctor Dolittle
May 21,2011 - July 23,2011
Come to Riverside Dinner Theater
In this charming musical adaptation of Hugh Loftings book, Doctor John Dolittleone very special physician with a deep understanding and love of animalsdiscovers that he is actually able to speak with them! ?Who would have believed that animals have their own side of things?? This revelation becomes the light that carries the good doctor from one adventure to the next. Traveling to Africa with Polynesia the Parrot, Gub-Gub the Pig, Jip the Dog, Dab-Dab the Duck, and Chee-Chee the Monkey, Doctor Dolittle goes on a quest to save the monkeys from a terrible plague. Along the way, this motley group narrowly escapes the Jolliginki, cannibals who want to serve them for dinner, and a band of misguided pirates who want to ransom them, while they discover wild, wonderful animals never seen before. Applying perseverance, patience, and creativity, as well as his unique ability to speak on behalf of all animals, Doctor Dolittle creates an ingenious solution that both protects the monkeys and also provides a new and better employment for the pirates and the Jolliginki.
Goodnight Moon
August 28,2016 - October 01,2016
Come to Riverside Dinner Theater
Goodnight Moon - Since its publication in 1947, parents around the world have read Margaret Wise Browns Goodnight Moon as a bedtime story to their little ones. Now this ritual is re-imagined as a delightful piece of musical theater. Its seven oclock in the great green room. Theres a red balloon and a cow jumping over the moon. There are kittens and mittens and a talkative mouse. Theres a quiet old lady whos whispering hush. The dish and the spoon, the bears with chairs, and Mr. Nobody are all there to entertain Bunny. He even loses a tooth! But its time to say goodnight. The Old Lady struggles to help Bunny fall asleep, but fire truck sirens and mooing cows keep him wide awake. Bunny refuses to sleep until he says goodnight to every object within earshot. In this great green room, Bunnys imagination runs wild. The Old Lady almost gets her wish after reading the tale of The Runaway Bunny, but how can Bunny possibly fall asleep in a room where pictures come to life in a flourish of song and dance and the Tooth Fairy turns teeth into stars?
October 08,2016 - December 17,2016
Come to Riverside Dinner Theater
Narnia - In this musical adaptation of C.S. Lewis The Lion, the Witch and the Wardrobe, four childrenPeter, Susan, Edmund, and Lucyare sent from London to the country house of an old professor to escape the air raids during World War II. One day as the children are playing hide-and-seek, Lucy discovers an old wardrobe that becomes the childrens gateway to the wonderous land of Narnia. There the children meet Mr. Tumnus the faun, Mr. and Mrs. Beaver, the beautiful-but-evil White Witch, and her menacing dwarves and wolves in the snowy wood where spring never comesuntil the great lion Aslan unexpectedly returns. With gifts from Father Christmas and Aslans help, the children defeat the evil witch and change the destiny of Narnia, becoming its royal rulers in fulfillment of an ancient prophecy. Later, as the children are walking through the forest, they rediscover the wardrobe gateway. Tumbling through, they return to their own world, where scarcely a moment has passed. Was it all a dream, or was it real? This heart-warming story is a tale of magic, love, self-sacrifice, and redemption that will excite and warm the hearts of young and old alike.
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