Book by

Guy Bolton, P.G. Wodehouse,

Howard Lindsay, and Russel Crouse

Music and Lyrics by

Cole Porter

Featuring a smash musical score by Cole Porter, the world’s favorite “shipboard” musical sails on, as fresh and captivating as when it was first launched on Broadway, and continues to enjoy multiple revivals including a current Tony-Award-winning run. Billy Croker, an ambitious but bumbling broker, boards the S.S. American just before a midnight journey to plead with his former boss, Elisha J. Whitney, to rehire him. He runs into an old acquaintance, Reno Sweeney, nightclub owner turned evangelist, who is sailing with her quartet of beautiful girls dubbed “the Angels.” Billy’s most recent love interest, Hope, is also on board, but engaged to a British nobleman. The plot blossoms with delightful social satire, gangsters on the lam, and multiple disguises, together with Porter’s scintillating songs made famous by Broadway icons from Ethel Merman to Patti LuPone: Blow Gabriel Blow, I Get a Kick Out of You, It’s De-Lovely, and, of course, Anything Goes. National-tour diva Kathy Halenda returns to Riverside to star in this frenzied, alluring classic filled with hilarious twists and turns!

Anything Goes

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