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Young Life: 'Steal Away Home' tells of two brothers' journey to freedom

With a cast of eight actors (including two who are 12 and under), the Riverside Children’s Theatre production of “Steal Away Home” will take audiences on a powerful and unforgettable journey through history and into moments of introspection, humor, dangers and heartwarming joy.

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[Free Lance-Star] Young life: Riverside Children's Theater presents 'The Sorcerer's Apprentice'

The latest feature from Riverside Children’s Theater, “The Sorcerer’s Apprentice,” will whisk audiences away to a fantastic realm where trees and woodland creatures are animated and talkative and a wise sorceress’ magical feats are just a hand-wave away. At the same time, it brings home a lasting life message that the world of nature has a magic of its own that is perceptible only to those with the heart and eyes to appreciate it and that we have the power to achieve our dreams if we are willing to listen and work hard. All of which is conveyed through a crew of winsome—sometimes comically over-played—characters and a good measure of physical comedy that will elicit smiles, giggles and laughter.

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'Croaker the Frog Prince' hops onto the Riverside stage

The featured musical of Riverside Children’s Theater, “Croaker,” will whisk audiences away to a magical realm of the legendary Frog Prince and imbue a sparkle of enchantment that will live on in their hearts long after they return home.

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Check out our sneak peek of 'Croaker' with Town Talk's Ted Schubel

Listen to director, Steve Thompson and leads,  Colton Montgomery and Nina Maliszewski preview our current children's theatre production of Croaker: The Frog Prince Musical at Riverside alongside Town Talk's Ted Schubel (NewsTalk 1230 WFVA). 

Croaker is currently running through September 23, 2017 and tickets are available via our website or by calling our box office at 540-370-4300!

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