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Culpeper Times CURTAIN CALLS: “Chorus Line” – A Singular Sensation

They get out of bed no matter how they feel, show up for the audition, and dance their little hearts out.  Some of the bodies are starting to show the wear, and some of the smiles are getting a little more desperate, but this is important. They need this job.

And so the backstage life of a New York musical theatre dancer comes into the spotlight. From the hopeful individuals that the director sees at the beginning to the polished, high-stepping pros that the audience gets at the end, “A Chorus Line” is their story.

Riverside has chosen this one-of-a-kind musical sensation to conclude twenty years of Broadway hit offerings in the region, and it’s a ringer.

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BWW Review: Riverside Center for the Performing Arts' A CHORUS LINE Captures Lightning in a Bottle

Riverside Center for the Performing Arts has a real treat for its 100th production with the classic Broadway musical A Chorus Line. From the iconic opening number to the show-stopping finale, 22 triple-threat performers work tirelessly and prove this production is something really special. There have been recent tours and productions in Virginia, but this is the "One" audiences really must see.

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