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Show Only - $16

October 3 - November 16, 2019

Based upon the musical tale by Sergei Prokofiev

Adaptation by

Allison Gregory

Lyrics by

Allison Gregory and Hummie Mann

Music by

Hummie Mann

Peter and his grandfather live in a house by a lush meadow and sparkling pond, overlooked by a sturdy tree and high stone wall. Grandfather warns Peter to stay out of the meadow because a wolf is on the prowl. But what little boy can resist playing outside on a beautiful day? After letting the duck loose on the pond, Peter is rushed back behind the wall by Grandfather. Luckily, Peter keeps an eye out for his feathered friends and is able to warn the bird of the cat who stealthily approaches; too bad he couldn’t warn the duck when the wolf finally arrives. The bird and cat manage to escape into the tree but the poor duck gets too confused and ends up a snack for the wolf. Not wanting to see his other friends suffer the same fate, Peter devises a way to capture the wolf, before the hunters can shoot him. Together they deliver the wolf safely to the nearby zoo. Recommended age: 5+


is presented through special arrangement with Plays for Young Audiences.

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