August 3 - Septemer 23, 2017

Music by

Jason Marks

Book and Lyrics by

Debra Clinton

Once upon a time, In the magical kingdom of Astorya, we meet the beautiful but spoiled Princess Acrimonia, who is celebrating her birthday.  When her step-father gives her a beautiful golden ball specially comissioned for her, she rejects the gift, and tosses it out the window in frustration.  Upon heading to retrieve it, she decides to toss it down the royal well to be rid of the gift forever, and it lands on the head of Croaker, a prince-turned-frog who's been living in the well for many years since his birth.  Acrimonia and Croaker end up developing an unlikely friendship, and he teaches her patience, kindness, and the importance of keeping your promise.  But will the evil Queen who turned Croaker into a frog surface once again to finish the spell for good? 

Croaker: The Frog Prince Musical

is presented through special arrangement with CaM Theatricals, LLC.