April 8 - June 3, 2017

Adapted by

Eric Stedman

Music and Lyrics by

J. Astor Broad, Jones E. Estabrook, and L. E. Yeamans

Based on an operetta written in the 1920's but never staged, this delightful and funny adaptation of the classic story is updated with surprising musical settings including ragtime, rockabilly, and heavy-metal songs. As "Red" journeys through the forest to Grandma's house with a basket of goodies, she encounters singing flowers, a bobolink who warns her not to stray from her path, and a handsome woodcutter who promises to protect Red should she need assistance along the way. Of course, she also meets the Wolf, who's very friendly (but also very hungry) and says he'd like to meet her Grandma, too. They decide to take different paths to see which of the two will arrive first. Of course, when Red arrives, she meets a very different-looking Grandma than she remembered, and...you know the rest of the story! the operetta ends with a reminder why we all should be good, spoken by the woodcutter, and a little prayer by Red, as her Mother and Grandmother tuck her (and her stuffed wolf) safely in bed.

Red Riding Hood - The Operetta

is presented through special arrangement with Storyland Theatre.

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